Unbride day 133

The un-bride seems to have taken over again.  I already have so many big things checked off but there are a couple still looming out there unanswered. And I’m not yet inclined to do so, even though I think about them every day. The first is very simple, I need to call the caterer we’ve already ‘picked out’ and get on their calendar.  Our venue thinks we may not have to put down a deposit because we’ve already booked there, but in case we do, we need more money set aside.
It’s amazing how quickly money seems to disappear into weddings. And how slowly it takes to build back up in our account, even with regular deposits.
The second thing is finding someone to perform the ceremony. We have already been given a few options, none of which stand out as the way we feel comfortable doing things. I have no clue how to figure this one out, so it remains undone. And after that, we’ll need to start on writing the ceremony & vows. (Wow, already?)
One more thing that seems to be creeping up is sending out save-the-date cards. We’re planning on sending them out pretty early because our wedding will be Memorial Day weekend. But we need to get our budget iron clad so we can finalize the guest list. That’s a whole different set of drama I’d like to avoid bringing up again. Bleh.


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