I want to put you on

I know it’s only been just a few weeks since I bought my dress & recommitted myself to losing weight. It’s been such an awesome journey already though. My clothes are fitting better, and soon I’ll actually need to go shopping for some stuff that actually fits again.
I have been missing my dress a little while it’s staying with Mom, anyway. Our home renovations were creating too much dust… not very dress friendly. And while I know by my measurements I’m still a ways off from fitting it perfectly, I’m excited to see how far I’ve come.
It’s probably for the best anyway. I need to be learning patience and not putting myself in situations that might be discouraging. But I loooove my wedding dress.
Soon we’ll finish up this mess we’re making. And by “soon” I mean probably another 6 weeks at least. Still need to touch up the walls with plaster, prime & paint, and do all the tile & flooring. And doors. And baseboards & trim. So after all that is done and I can bring my dress home, I’ll try it on again. It will be sweet to see how much my hard work is paying off.


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