A Slave to Fashion

Earlier this year, I bought the ugliest pair of shoes that I have ever owned. They are very comfortable, and accommodating to my wide feet. I sort of resent them. Either that or my feet for suddenly deciding that should I wear shoes that are too narrow, that they will swell where rubbed.
Granted, I’ve gotten to that stage where I am realizing that I cannot abuse my feet, wide or not. I need them to carry me through the next couple of decades with relatively little knee and back pain. And comfortable shoes is my only bargaining chip.
I just don’t want to give myself permission to care less about the way I look. Maybe I’ve watched one too many episodes of What Not to Wear last week, but I think I’ve always had some love for fashion and shopping. Sooner than later (I hope) I will have a good reason to go shopping again anyway: needing smaller clothes.
So if I’m going to make such an investment in myself and my body, I really ought to make some changes to the things I throw over it. Resolutions, if you will. The more I’ve considered what these resolutions might be, the more afraid I am of them. But if it will push me out of my comfort zone into something sparkly, so be it.
Just a note, these resolutions will not take affect right away, seeing as I haven’t lost enough weight to go shopping yet. I haven’t decided when(if) they will, I just know that they probably should.

Proposed resolution #1: Find some cute shoes that really fit. Yes, they will probably be a little expensive because they are non-standard size. Budget for it.

#2: Wear jeans no more than one day Monday thru Friday. They’re comfy, they don’t wrinkle, they look nice with my more acceptable tops & sweaters. BUT THEY’RE STILL JEANS. I already own plenty of slacks/khakis/chinos but I have been avoiding them because they show my ugly shoes more. Nice shoes = no excuses. Unless it blizzards, I’ll save that as an excuse for this one, and also the next.

#3: Wear a dress/skirt once a week. Probably mostly dresses. I do know that being short, monochromatic makes one look taller. And get over my fear of my “ugly legs.” I’m an adult now, I know not everyone looks like a model.

#4: Buy some decent cardigans. No more over sized grandma sweaters. And maybe get one of those fuzz shavers.

#5: Wear more jewelry & accessories. And buy an adult sized jewelry box, for pete’s sake. Brandon will probably explode if he finds anything more than a dozen hair ties lying around.

I think that’s all for now. If I can master these things by this time next year, I’ll be pretty proud of myself.


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