Unbride day 133

The un-bride seems to have taken over again.  I already have so many big things checked off but there are a couple still looming out there unanswered. And I’m not yet inclined to do so, even though I think about them every day. The first is very simple, I need to call the caterer we’ve already ‘picked out’ and get on their calendar.  Our venue thinks we may not have to put down a deposit because we’ve already booked there, but in case we do, we need more money set aside.
It’s amazing how quickly money seems to disappear into weddings. And how slowly it takes to build back up in our account, even with regular deposits.
The second thing is finding someone to perform the ceremony. We have already been given a few options, none of which stand out as the way we feel comfortable doing things. I have no clue how to figure this one out, so it remains undone. And after that, we’ll need to start on writing the ceremony & vows. (Wow, already?)
One more thing that seems to be creeping up is sending out save-the-date cards. We’re planning on sending them out pretty early because our wedding will be Memorial Day weekend. But we need to get our budget iron clad so we can finalize the guest list. That’s a whole different set of drama I’d like to avoid bringing up again. Bleh.

I want to put you on

I know it’s only been just a few weeks since I bought my dress & recommitted myself to losing weight. It’s been such an awesome journey already though. My clothes are fitting better, and soon I’ll actually need to go shopping for some stuff that actually fits again.
I have been missing my dress a little while it’s staying with Mom, anyway. Our home renovations were creating too much dust… not very dress friendly. And while I know by my measurements I’m still a ways off from fitting it perfectly, I’m excited to see how far I’ve come.
It’s probably for the best anyway. I need to be learning patience and not putting myself in situations that might be discouraging. But I loooove my wedding dress.
Soon we’ll finish up this mess we’re making. And by “soon” I mean probably another 6 weeks at least. Still need to touch up the walls with plaster, prime & paint, and do all the tile & flooring. And doors. And baseboards & trim. So after all that is done and I can bring my dress home, I’ll try it on again. It will be sweet to see how much my hard work is paying off.

A Slave to Fashion

Earlier this year, I bought the ugliest pair of shoes that I have ever owned. They are very comfortable, and accommodating to my wide feet. I sort of resent them. Either that or my feet for suddenly deciding that should I wear shoes that are too narrow, that they will swell where rubbed.
Granted, I’ve gotten to that stage where I am realizing that I cannot abuse my feet, wide or not. I need them to carry me through the next couple of decades with relatively little knee and back pain. And comfortable shoes is my only bargaining chip.
I just don’t want to give myself permission to care less about the way I look. Maybe I’ve watched one too many episodes of What Not to Wear last week, but I think I’ve always had some love for fashion and shopping. Sooner than later (I hope) I will have a good reason to go shopping again anyway: needing smaller clothes.
So if I’m going to make such an investment in myself and my body, I really ought to make some changes to the things I throw over it. Resolutions, if you will. The more I’ve considered what these resolutions might be, the more afraid I am of them. But if it will push me out of my comfort zone into something sparkly, so be it.
Just a note, these resolutions will not take affect right away, seeing as I haven’t lost enough weight to go shopping yet. I haven’t decided when(if) they will, I just know that they probably should.

Proposed resolution #1: Find some cute shoes that really fit. Yes, they will probably be a little expensive because they are non-standard size. Budget for it.

#2: Wear jeans no more than one day Monday thru Friday. They’re comfy, they don’t wrinkle, they look nice with my more acceptable tops & sweaters. BUT THEY’RE STILL JEANS. I already own plenty of slacks/khakis/chinos but I have been avoiding them because they show my ugly shoes more. Nice shoes = no excuses. Unless it blizzards, I’ll save that as an excuse for this one, and also the next.

#3: Wear a dress/skirt once a week. Probably mostly dresses. I do know that being short, monochromatic makes one look taller. And get over my fear of my “ugly legs.” I’m an adult now, I know not everyone looks like a model.

#4: Buy some decent cardigans. No more over sized grandma sweaters. And maybe get one of those fuzz shavers.

#5: Wear more jewelry & accessories. And buy an adult sized jewelry box, for pete’s sake. Brandon will probably explode if he finds anything more than a dozen hair ties lying around.

I think that’s all for now. If I can master these things by this time next year, I’ll be pretty proud of myself.

Oh cake!

Last weekend Brandon & I braved yet another bridal show on our quest for the perfect cake flavor. We had tried one at the first show that was this amazing raspberry concoction and we both loved it. I must say I’ve always been a huge fan of the berry cakes, cherry chip being my all-time, hands-down favorite. Plain white is a fine standby, and obviously a wedding classic, but with all the flavors in the world, who can resist?

I found this article on several other cake flavors that are popping up at weddings near you. Try not to salivate too much.10 Unique but Tasty Wedding Cake Flavors
Today’s trends of peanut butter and cinnamon for wedding cake flavors may be less than palatable for some picky guests. Here are just ten unique but tasty wedding cake flavors to consider for your upcoming wedding:
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