Week one back into a diet/exercise routine always sucks.
Your body can’t help but complain about the strain you’re putting on it. Not to mention the lack of tempting treats you’re giving it.

Week two can be just as bad if you’ve really been neglecting yourself. This time, though, I feel amazing. I haven’t really had to trim down the amount of food I’ve been eating, just keeping track of the # of calories and the quality of calories has made all the difference. I guess at least SOME of my good habits have stuck around. The exercising is starting to get easier too. I’m still terribly out of breath by the end of my dvd, but I can plop down on the couch with a giant glass of water feeling like I’ve accomplished something.

I know I’m barely over a week into what could be a year long process of fitting into that dress, but I’m feeling so great already. Thanks for all your support!


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