Week one back into a diet/exercise routine always sucks.
Your body can’t help but complain about the strain you’re putting on it. Not to mention the lack of tempting treats you’re giving it.

Week two can be just as bad if you’ve really been neglecting yourself. This time, though, I feel amazing. I haven’t really had to trim down the amount of food I’ve been eating, just keeping track of the # of calories and the quality of calories has made all the difference. I guess at least SOME of my good habits have stuck around. The exercising is starting to get easier too. I’m still terribly out of breath by the end of my dvd, but I can plop down on the couch with a giant glass of water feeling like I’ve accomplished something.

I know I’m barely over a week into what could be a year long process of fitting into that dress, but I’m feeling so great already. Thanks for all your support!

A little bit of death

I’m officially in day 2 after my first go at the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD.
I hate the second day.
First day after you feel so great, and just a little sore. The next day you think your limbs have been infested with the plague or worse. At least I do. Especially today.
I feel midly ridiculous endorsing this with rave reviews considering how biased I am. I love watching the Biggest Loser & I appreciate Jillian’s approach to weight loss from dealing with both the emotional issues behind bad habits, and the habits themselves.
All that said, I think that is the right way to try to lose weight. I’ve never heard someone who enjoys losing a bunch of weight and then putting it back on again because they keep going back to the cookie dough and nacho cheese when they’re stessed out or depressed.
The dress I bought is the size I was when I started college. Daunting as that may sound, it’s only 2 sizes smaller than I am now. And getting down 2 sizes over the summer with calorie counting & exercise has me pretty pumped about how attainable this goal really is.
Well “pumped” considering how sore I am today.
Seriously, ouch.

say what?

I’m going to a bridal store tomorrow with the intention of looking at and possibly trying on and possibly BUYING my wedding dress.
I’m so anxious.
Anxious enough to even think about cancelling the whole thing, even though (from the website) I love the look of it & 60% off is amazing.
I dunno what I’m doing.
I could have just gone by myself, that’s generally how I’m most comfortable shopping. And I trust my own judgment. For some reason, this is supposed to be different. It’s my wedding dress and lots of people want a say. Or maybe they just want to look, I don’t even know.
I guess in the end I’ll tack this one up as a learning experience for my next dress shopping venture (if there is one). Deep breaths, I think. And maybe someone will find me a Xanax.


I can’t even think straight.

I should have gone to bed earlier. And the night before. And the night before that. And I can’t go to bed early tonight.

I hate feeling like this.

Sometimes I don’t listen very well. Especially to myself, and the things my body is telling me.


I’m sort of floating by these weeks without much wedding stuff to do. I don’t have any money I’m supposed to spend. I am trying to do some bargain shopping and getting free stuff when opportunity presents itself. Hopefully I can find a dress with some serious discounts by shopping the sample sales.
There’s a lot I don’t know though. I don’t know how we’re going to decide who should perform the ceremony. I was really hoping we could find someone who we felt a connection to, not just some random judge. It’s a conundrum.
I guess that’s really all for now.