Vendors who mean well, vendors who don’t, and everything in between

Reading all the fine print you sign your name to in all your wedding plans is enough to make anyone’s nose bleed.
Still, I read about a woman who signed a contract for a hall that stated $500, and they came back and told them, ‘Whoops, we really mean $3000.’ And even today I was reading over our invoice for the next payment on our venue, which had pricing and due date errors. Thankfully this was indeed an honest mistake and we’re getting a new invoice in the mail.

Anyway, there are a few simple steps to avoid the run-around before and after your I-do’s:

1. Sign your contracts in person. Get a signed copy for yourself and hang on to it.

2. Ask about service charges, travel fees, interest on late balances, and other frequently billed charges that aren’t included in basic pricing. Your vendor should know their business better than you, and what is ordinary to them might cause some sticker shock down the road. Vocalizing this question can help you gather information that might be skimmed over when perusing your contract.

3. GET A CONTRACT. Even if your Aunt Sally is baking your cake, if she’s charging you, get the details down in writing. And in general, even when someone offers not to charge you, it’s best to get something written out so that you don’t get down to the day before and they’re otherwise engaged or even “just forgot.”

4. Check your payment schedule & make sure it’s in your contract. If you’re doing what we’re doing & splitting up your deposit over a couple of dates, get that in writing too. No one likes to get surprise bills and late fees. Or voided contracts… etc.

5. Read your contract before it’s fulfilled. Even if you don’t scour it before you put your name on the dotted line, take some time between now & the day of to read it so that you don’t end up losing more than your deposit.


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