Why does it cost this much?

After crunching numbers last night trying to figure out how to put down our deposit on the photographer we really want, I finally remembered one of the reasons we’re waiting until May 2011 to get married!
We’ve officially committed all of our wedding savings until April 1, 2010 (and that’s no joke!) thanks in part to vendors who have graciously allowed us to “split” our deposits into 2 parts. After that, all we have to think about is food, cake & flowers (I think), and most of those vendors are able to facilitate more than one wedding on any given day.
I’m still a little concerned about how our parents are going to be able to contribute the amounts they originally agreed upon, but like my mom is fond of telling me, they’re all big kids. I know my dad is definitely relieved we’re not asking him to pay for one thing or another. It may seem like a great idea up front, but when one person thinks a photographer should cost $500 and another thinks more like $3000, issues have been known to arrise. Plus it gives me a lot more freedom to pinch pennies one area to splurge on another.
Hopefully tax time will provide a little more relief than headaches. I’ve got my first appointment to LOOK at dresses in February & odds will be that if I don’t have any money to spend, I’ll find something I just love. Wish me luck!


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