I don’t know you, but you can share my tea

This holiday season I decided that I probably had a lot more time on my hands than money lying about, and I should try my hand at making some gifts.
Well, now that I’m (almost) done with all that, I think I learned some things about myself that a) I wasn’t surprised about but b)I really am glad to know.
First of all, I baked about 8 dozen cookies and two cheesecakes this year. This still doesn’t seem like a lot when it’s said like that, but considering I waited until I was making the cheesecakes to bust out my Kitchenaid mixer, that’s a LOT of manual labor. I feel buff after two batches of oatmeal cookies. Also, we don’t have a dishwasher. So after the first couple rounds of baked goods, Brandon started doing dishes twice a day so I could always have my mixing bowls & measuring cups clean. (I don’t think I ever would have gotten all this done without his help). He also read recipes to me when I was elbow deep in batter, reminded me to set timers, and bravely tested all my creations. Only once did he spit it out and tell me that it was under-cooked.
Anyway, I realized that I know a lot more about cooking & baking than I thought. I’ve watched a lot of PBS cooking shows. And I can’t remember an age that I wasn’t helping my mom & grandmother in the kitchen. I feel really comfortable there.
The other thing I learned is that I really love the look on a person’s face when you give them exactly what they’re craving. “You made this? Really?”
Yup, really.
On the flip side, I’m really glad to be (almost) done with this for a while. Dinner for two has never sounded better.


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