Falling off the blog wagon

I think at one time or another every member of my family was updating a blog on a semi-regular basis. It was fun to hear [read] the daily goings-on of their lives in their own words & despite some of their beliefs to the contrary, they are all good writers. These days, I think it’s just me & my dad. And for a while, it was just my dad.
Blogging happens for every reason under the sun, it seems. I, for one, take great comfort knowing the only person who checks my blog more than once a week is my sister (Hiya, Tiff!). Dad, on the other hand, takes his blogs very seriously on a professional level, and he promotes them as such. So far, he’s the only exception I know of to the general non-readership of the blogging community. Even he posted in a blog a few days ago “No one is reading your blog.” We all write, but how often do we take time to appreciate each other?
This post was going somewhere… but now it’s 4a.m.
Oh yeah…
I really do miss reading about my family & friends from their point of view. Maybe it’s just this time of year when we’re so busy going from one holiday extravaganza to the next. But really now… we’re always busy. So just take a minute to write for me, or even better, for yourself. I promise I’ll check it out.


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