The Driver

Soon after daylight saving time ends, Brandon & I make a habit of carpooling to work each morning. He, refusing to adjust his sleep schedule, wakes up an hour earlier and this allows him time to putz around with his breakfast and also to drop me off. It’s a nice quiet time for us to be together before all the stresses of the day take their toll. Downfall being I have to listen to his annoying radio program in the morning, but some days only quiet sleepy conversation fills the car. I’m grateful that he takes these minutes out of his day to take extra care of me, and when the weather gets crappy and even dangerous out, it means that much more. Soon enough, spring will come and I’ll get antsy. Warmer weather always begs me to go for a drive with the windows down and the music turned up. Sure enough though, in the mornings I miss his company. Not Bob & Tom, though


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