How it happened

This has been the question of the moment so I’m going to take a moment to do my best to retell it.

My Saturday started too early: I woke up around 3:30am and could not get back to sleep. After tossing & turning for a while, I finally got up and killed a couple hours playing solitaire. I was just starting to get tired again when I realized it was already after 6, and then I heard Brandon get up. He peeked his head out into the living room and asked if I was ok. I said I was, I just couldn’t sleep & didn’t want to wake him. He gave me the cutest sleepy face and I put down my computer and headed back to bed.
I laid there all curled up in his nook ready to catch some much needed Z’s, but every so often Brandon was giving me a little squeeze. It’s something he often does when he’s feeling especially happy & affectionate, but considering the seriously early hour, I just had to ask: “What’s up?”
He only him-hawed a little bit before asking me one of my favorite series of questions. “You still want to get married someday?”
“Of course,” I say.
“To me?” he pursues.
“Uh yeah!”
Now this is not an unfamiliar situation. We’ve been talking about the idea of getting married off & on for a while. Satisfied that this must have been what’s on his mind, I start to doze off again.
“I saw something the other day that reminded me of you,” he starts up again.
“Really?” I yawn.
“Are you gonna tell me what it is?”
[He just smiles.]
“You know if I were a cat, I’d be dead.”
He just laughs at me and rolls over, and I assume the conversation is over. I decide we’re falling back asleep when he reaches over and turns on the light.
I’m tired, confused, and now it’s bright.
And there’s a cute little red box in my face.
“So will you marry me?”
My mouth must have hung open for a minute because I suddenly realized he needed to hear an answer.


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