generation: RUDE

I, for one, was not at all surprised to hear the antics of Kanye or Serena this weekend.
I was almost surprised about Joe Wilson’s outburst during the President’s speech, but reflecting on a summer of unruly town hall behavior, it makes sense in context.

I’m sure, however, there were plenty of people who were shocked. What have these kids (minus Joe) become?

From my perspective, it was the only logical result. We are allowed to voice our every opinion and emotion relatively unchecked, via blogging, Twitter, and various other social networks. If today’s youth can’t help using shortened words learned from txting in their school papers, how in the world will they know when to bite their tongues, or even how to just be polite?

Another culprit here may be the “diva” mentality. I was never so shocked as the first time I heard one of my class mates shouting across the lunchroom, “Yeah, so what? I’m a Bitch! And proud of it!” Seriously, what about that is there to be proud of? I’m all for standing firm when you feel strongly about something. But deliberate cruelty & game-playing? Why are we endorsing this? Unfortunately, this attitude is far from uncommon.

You tell us we can do, say, or be anything, and we will. Even rude.


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