a little more

It’s no secret I’ve been really lucky in life. Even in my worst mistakes, I’ve walked away relatively unscathed. I did manage to learn a few really tough lessons, though. Never ever take advantage of someone who loves you. Set something aside, just in case. Be good to everyone; it will come back around.
But even these lessons are hard to follow all the time. I feel like I’ve gotten a little lazy. I spent too much this year, especially considering my (temporary) pay cut and the medical bills from having my appendix out. The crazy thing is, I gave most of it away. I love to give the perfect gift.
I’m not sure how I feel about karma, but do those things sort of cancel each other out?
Regardless, Christmas will be here before you know it, and I’ll have to be smarter about it.

I’m thinking about another tattoo, to compliment the angel on my shoulder. I’m feeling… a tree.


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