I suppose it’s only logical that romantic weekends should fade into the hum-drum of your normal work week. But that doesn’t make it any less disappointing.
No not disappointing, just…
Jessie’s wedding was lovely, the reception was a blast. It was an atmosphere full of affection. Lots of, “I like how they did this, ” and, “We’d probably do this differently.” That general attitude really gets a girl’s hopes up. I knew better, but I let it wash over me. I drank it up, now it feels like a bit of a hangover.
I shouldn’t sulk. Things will happen in their time. Sometimes it’s hard to fight off those pangs of jealousy and self doubt, though.
It’s probably safe to assume that as the week wears on, things will go back to normal. There’s still lots of lingering affection mixed in with all the house work and new roof going on, which I intend to fully enjoy rather than wallow in this pity party mode.
Honestly I find this side of me a little disgusting considering all that he’s done for me and shown me how he feels.
Alright then, back to work!


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