the slump

I can tell by how much food I’ve eaten and how little I’ve exercised that this week is going to be all but entirely unproductive in the weight-loss arena. But I’m still on the plus side as far as calorie expenditure so that can’t be all bad. I guess this is more of the “real life” me who often gets too busy to give a lot of thought about what I’m eating, not eating, doing and not doing. I’m a little bummed that I’m finding myself running out of time and energy before I make it to the gym these days. I could do a lot better with some extra rest 😛 Busy weekends don’t lend themselves to sleeping in, though.
I guess I still wonder, though, how so many of us have gotten so far off track. We don’t really take care of ourselves anymore. We don’t listen to our bodies, our are hearts… often we find pills to fix the symptoms of both. It is very time consuming, yes, but so what if I forget to watch TV? So what if I don’t work straight through my lunch hour?
Can I really learn to make myself a priority? I think so…


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