I slept in just a little bit today. It’s pretty cold and cloudy for July. As I laid in bed dozing, I figured out what I want to say at Jessie’s wedding. When I got up to write it all down, it was all still there and actually looks pretty good. Usually when I’m sleep-writing, as I like to call it, I can’t remember half of it when I go to write it down. Then I decide it sucks, and I usually just throw it away. So I consider this morning to be a very good sign of what’s yet to come.
Of course, I’m not sure how that’s going to translate into my zoo trip today. Now there’s a chance for rain exactly when Tina and I are supposed to be going out there. Hopefully it at least holds off for the autocross this morning. Brandon worked pretty hard this week getting his car fixed and put back together so he could race today, and the next two events fall on weekends where we’ve already got plans.
I hope he grabbed his umbrella just in case. Actually, I should stop typing and get ready to go up there.


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