the gift

The main difference between us might just be how we interpret what it means to “take care of” someone. To him, emotional stability comes naturally, so what he strives to maintain is a level of physical comfort, or lack of discomfort I suppose. I appreciate these things, I really do. He’s making a beautiful house for us, one room at a time. He’s even talking about buying another new vehicle that would serve multiple purposes for us, but one of the main reasons is so that I can have something to drive that has A/C and no exhaust leak and is mechanically sound on long trips.
It’s funny how I have to take a step back and then I can see how much this man cares for me. It’s silly how I think I just want to be cuddled and romanced, but I’ve been given so much more. And I do get a little of the mushy stuff, but on the whole, that’s really not his style. Shrug.
Tomorrow is his birthday, and I’ve found that “stuff” really doesn’t express all the gratitude I have for him being in my life. He’d rather I ignore it all together, but I’m sure you can see why it’s so important for me to be able to celebrate him!
Well this has taken all the fire out of my foul mood, and grinning ear to ear has commenced.


One thought on “the gift

  1. You've learned a big lesson.We all want to be loved in the way that matters most to us, not just the way that the other person wants to love us.And yet we also discover that the things the other person does out of love for us is their own expresion of love.Eventually, you both discover how to do both, even in small doses. That's better than compromise, or settling, it's love!

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