Not getting laid off…

Totally slacking off on my writing. My brain is so disjointed from work stress.
When we first got back from vacation, I was seriously starting to wonder if we were going to be laying off again. There was some annoyance with the way I had handled some things before I left, but I was doing the best I could. I was swamped and everyone else seemed to have their own (less stressful) things to do, so I didn’t really ask for help getting stuff done. If I had known how much busier things would be now, I probably wouldn’t have thought twice. Anyway…
That first week we were back was soooooo dead. No calls, very few emails… budget was a monstrous number everyone knew we weren’t going to reach. Then the “Purchasing Supervisor” from a very large company called to schedule a meeting with my boss. Crap. He and I had a meeting, I spelled out all my current projects, and held my breath. He took one look at some of the large quotes I had prepared recently and said, “I bet this is all ‘XYZ Tool Company’ stuff.” Brilliant, he is (there’s a reason he’s in charge). I should have known something was up. We’d had ‘XYZ’ on credit hold for a few weeks now. I really didn’t think anything of it though, lots of companies are having money troubles, and we’re their competition so we get paid last. Apparently though, no one is getting paid. No one is entirely sure how this happened. The ‘Very Large Company’ the purchasing supervisor works for pays their bills on time always. Something has clearly gone askew on a larger scale, and my company is probably very lucky to have escaped it.
So now every day is a scramble to process twice the orders, with everything needing to be there yesterday. Everyone seems to be extremely frustrated, calling me, emailing me, faxing me… and some stuff I just am not able to handle. I’ve turned over a lot of the orders that I had already quoted because that stuff is pretty hard to screw up. But it still seems that for every one quote I crank out, three more requests come in. I still feel like I’m crawling through the day at a snails pace (though my $ sold would say otherwise). Plus now it’s the season of a million things to do, weekends are packed, weeknights filling up quickly. At some point I’m going to need to sleep.
Not this weekend, though, and maybe not next either. It’s a good thing I got that vacation in before all of this chaos. Now I just need to figure out how to stop going to work in my dreams.♠


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