misc adventures

Sometimes when I get tired, I’m more prone to sharing what’s in my head. I firmly believe those who say that being overly exhausted is much like being drunk. Your inhibitions are much lower, your synapses are firing slower, and on occasion, you discard logic and reason for something that makes your brain go “whoa.”

Since we’ve been back from vacation, I’ve not been to bed on time. Even as I type, I’m probably pushing myself out a little too late.

Exciting things are happening these days: my biggest competitor in regards to work is in serious financial trouble, so things are picking up. Like all at once, people are like, HEY CAN YOU GET THIS FOR ME I NEED IT NOW PLEASE. If I’m lucky they’ll actually say please. I’m just not feeling the connection to it. Good news, yes, but I still see mountains when I close my eyes. Oh how unfair.

Also exciting is I just got my official acceptance into the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. So now is a little waiting game while they decide what to do with me. Then I become partially responsible for a child. A real one. Someone else’s child at that.
It’s not like when you’re a teenager babysitting & occasionally the parents expect something to go wrong from time to time. Nor is it like having your own child to nurture or screw up as best as you can. No, this is entirely foreign to me. But exciting. I really do love kids.

Smidge over three weeks until Brandon’s birthday. Fathers’ day is just before that. I love the men in my life, but am utterly clueless this year. Again with this extra-detached feeling. Sigh.

I give, going to bed


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