Does everyone secretly wish to be a Mac?

Money will always be one of those things I can’t quite wrap my brain around. Everyone wishes they had more, knows they probably have just enough to get by if they are careful, and realizes at some level that it’s just money. Yet it’s the #1 reason marriages fail, it’s pretty much the lead story on the news every night, and it’s comforting to know you’ve got a small pile of it somewhere.
So how much is enough?
I didn’t NEED a new computer. Mine, slow and cranky as it may be, is still functioning to the best of its ability. Even if it crashes, Brandon has a nice desktop with room to hold all my music and other personal digital items. But I still took an ounce of prevention, so to speak, and made a relatively modest investment. Even as I contemplated clicking, “submit order,” I hesitated. I had done the research, compared prices, models, speed, power, memory, etc. and felt like I had found something of value. Did I do enough? Do I need these features? What do I use my computer for? What would I use it for, if I had one of greater capability?
Seriously, these are all legitimate questions, I’m sure. It’s just amusing to me the relationship between the potential dollars spent and the existentiality of the questions.
Oh goody! “Your order is ready for pick up.”
And the questions fall away to glee.


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