the interview

It’s amazing what it takes to get me to reveal a lot of personal details about myself.

For example:
Today I had my interview with the people at Big Brothers Big Sisters. I’m really excited to work with these kids. It’s a very in depth look at your personal life, past & present, your family history, your ability to handle stressful situations, and your motives for wanting to work with kids. It seemed like they wanted to know if I could relate to these girls and be able to help them move forward with their lives, and the best way I felt I could show that was to reveal a lot of personal details. It’s all handled with confidentiality, and somewhere along the line I’ve accepted all the choices I’ve made: good and bad. I’m really happy. I’ve also had to work really hard at letting myself be this happy. Of course, there are still plenty of things undisclosed, things that I experienced that were nothing more than an event in my past. For some things, the only lesson you can learn is, ‘boy that was stupid.’
So now comes the waiting game: a background check, calling my references (you know who you are!), and if I’m lucky then I get to start the process of getting matched. I wouldn’t shy away from telling someone what I’ve been through, if I thought it would mean something. If I can show you that it’s possible to make it through your struggles, I’ll give everything I’ve got.


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