A little bundle of W.T.F.

Walking in the mall today, Brandon turns and asks me, “What do you think is the ideal timing for having a baby?”
I didn’t stop or stumble, but I’m sure I raised an eyebrow something like a mile high. We were there on a mission: part 1 being get him some new work socks (easy), part 2 being finding some t-shirts he would actually wear (impossible). Evidently on our adventures we had walked by more than a couple women who were extremely pregnant. I kid you not, I didn’t even notice. Anyway, I guess this gets him to thinking about what time of year would be best to have a child. He wanted to know what I thought about being pregnant in the winter vs. in the summer. Also, in his mind, he was concerned about optimum road conditions for driving to a hospital.
I know we had this conversation. I was there. I remember telling him how random it was for him to ask me that… which is when he pointed out all these bulbous women that had escaped my cognition.
But I just can’t believe it.
(In that good way.)


3 thoughts on “A little bundle of W.T.F.

  1. 😀 you should’ve said “well ideally the couple should be married first” 😉 Also, in my opinion, I think I’d rather be pregnant through the winter then have my baby in the spring. I don’t really enjoy the winter a lot, so if I had to stay inside on my butt I wouldn’t mind. Then I could walk the baby through the summer and fall in a stroller. :). Just my opinon. Will be home soon, within the next week or so, I’ve gotta finish a 10-15 page paper and 2 projects, and an exam on wednesday. 🙂 Miss you!~Mad

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