a little earth day magic

I read this morning about some musician wanting to create an “organic experience” and I just shook my head. ‘Organic’ is mostly hype, now more than ever. At least what we label as organic, anyway.
Besides, in a media blitzed, internet-addicted, instant gratification society, could there be such a thing as an organic experience?
I guess that what you consider organic depends on what you’d consider artificial. Quite frankly, I don’t even know anymore. I don’t garden by any means, but I’ll take my old fashioned oats any day over a box of sugary confection cereal. (Ok maybe not ANY day, but most days for sure.) If I put my non-USDA certified organic oats in with my USDA certified organic soymilk, what do you get? What about if I add dried cranberries? Or today, I added orange-flavored cranberries… it’s all so non-sensical.
So we can all accept that the idea of organic food is nice but in actuality it’s a bit of a joke. But now an experience… that seems to be a whole different mine-field. Two people can exist in the exact same circumstances and have totally different experiences. It’s all about perspective. For me, if I were to pursue an organic experience, I’d probably head to the park & find myself a swing. I’m not even sure what an organically bad experience would be like. Something terrible that happened purely by accident? But if chance is one of the defining factors in an organic experience, then the concept of creating something organic seems to be an utter failure.
Perhaps, though, all that’s required is to be utterly in the moment, to keep your eyes wide open, and try not to judge prematurely the meaning and the reason that these things are happening. For someone like me who is prone to speculation and contemplation, to have that kind of an organic experience would be a spectacular achievement.

Something new to strive for…


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