In the zone

Another Sunday night spent waiting for the dryer to stop so I can fold & hang my laundry when I should be in bed.
My life is somewhere between monotonous and interesting. I generally get by with minimal effort, though I don’t always get to the gym or get the healthiest meals when I do this. I haven’t heard back yet about whether my work will pay for all the classes I want to take. I know that if I do, though, I’m really going to have to kick it up a notch. I know that getting out of my comfort zone is a good thing, but they call it a “comfort zone” for a reason.
I have a little failure-anxiety that creeps up on me in moments like this. What if I just can’t handle more than what I’ve already got on my plate? (Which literally speaking might be too much at times, but figuratively speaking is basically nothing.)
Frankly, I’m realizing that for all my progress, I still suck at being patient. Of course, I have my antithesis sitting next to me, making me seem even jumpier than normal. Truly, we compliment each other in this respect, even though at times that means we drive each other bonkers. If only I knew his secret…
And then I go and get distracted… just staring off into space thinking about the way he looks at me when I’ve made him laugh… (at IHOP eating one bite of pancake with each of the different syrups)
I guess regardless of our flaws, we’ll be just fine. One way or another.


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