I got a little taste of my own medicine today.
I have a tendency to let frustration about one thing spill over into something else, and unfortunately Brandon most often finds himself victim. It’s unfair; and I try to apologize as quickly as possible. Often, though, it’s too late because my biting words have already done the damage & I find myself explaining my head and heart for the next few days.
Today though, I got a solid reminder not to let that happen if at all possible. Push the wrong button, or even reach for your phone at an inopportune moment & KABLOW! Tears well up in my eyes and I feel utterly dejected. I called him out on it and he apologized. And apologized. And then apologized again. I’m a little bit sad still, but he’s done everything he can. Now I just need to move on.
And try to keep this little lesson in mind as we go forward.


One thought on “wounded

  1. Ah, relationships… Love ’em, Hate ’em….More Important is to commit to the love and let that love guide your relationship.I’ve learned the hard way just as you and everyone else does.Oh, and sincere apologies and acceptance of them, makes it all bearable in love.

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