go go gadget clown-shoes!

I’m a firm believer in thinking positive. I don’t expect it do make me ten pounds lighter by just thinking it, or anything like that. But I do believe that harboring negativity is the biggest waste of time and energy, with myspace or facebook in a close second.
Yesterday I’ll admit I was excessively cranky for both legitimate and nonsensical reasons, but all I really wanted to so was just be over it. Brandon reminds me to leave my work at work, and with a little practice I’ve gotten much better at that. I was just so annoyed with the way a few things had gone at the end of the day, though, that I had to vent a little. Also, some affection helped. And a martini (just one, people).
So I went to bed early, ready the day to be over. I wasn’t really in a foul mood still, just exhausted from carrying it around all day. I think the most important tool is to realize that what’s done is done. Then you can consider whether or not the things that were so irksome were actually done in malice, and then finally you can decide whether or not that malice really even means anything to you.
Some people will not like me, and I’m quite ok with that considering that I’m probably not the most fond of them either. Personalities that clash, motives that I find intolerable, and the occasional awful smell will remind me to just steer clear whenever possible. I just don’t have a stomach for the drama.
As things were winding down, I realized there was nothing to be done about the way things went, nothing was done intentionally to bother me, and I would be better off adjusting my attitude to make the most of tomorrow.
Which is now today. And while the caffeine starts to wear off, I can still have a good laugh at all the things that seemed so insurmountable just a few hours before. That may just be the best medicine of all, anyway.
So watch out, giggles are coming back!


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