I knew this would happen, but I’m letting it anyway. I just feel like I’m coming in second to a new set of car keys. He means well; he even insisted that I drive it right away to get used to it. So of course, I assume the problem must be me. Maybe.
Regardless, it’ll fade. It always does. The allure of something which you can know everything about will fade eventually. I guess that’s why he still hangs on to me. Among other things. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Value

  1. You are entitled to feel what you feel. People hurt each other without intending to. We all let our emotions carry us away without stopping to realize the impact on those around us. Yes this excitement over a new car will pass, but to negate how you feel will last a lot longer. Aknowledge it, feel it and then you can move on. At least that’s what I am trying to do.

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