crystal baller

There are very few things in our lives that could be considered permanent. The list of things that would be difficult to change, however, is vast and extensive. I find myself trying to discern between those things that might want to change and the things I’m actually going to put the effort into.
It’s an easy thing to speculate outcomes. When I was in the midst of my frustration, Kyle suggested I make a 5 year plan. And I realized the silliness of my anguish. Yes, it’s good to have goals, written out and in front of you. But in any five year period of time, I’ve yet to predict the ending from the beginning. So even as I set out to accomplish something significant, I keep in mind that life may yet get in the way of my plans. So far, it seems to keep working out for the better. I expect tomorrow will be no exception.


One thought on “crystal baller

  1. Hindsight has often been more insightful than predicting or planning for 5 years down the road in my life.As I see patterns from my past, I discover what I might want in my future.Use the rearview mirror, but don’t drive in reverse as a friend told me.It keeps things in perspective.And as a Dad and fellow adult, I am proud of you and love you.

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