part two

Dear Parents;
I’m very sorry if I came off a little bitchy. I realize that you’re only doing what you do. I realize that I have a lot of hesitations/reservations/anxiety regarding college partially because of previous experiences. I get upset when generalities are made about what I “should” do or what’s “good for me” without considering all of the other variables in my life. I’m trying really hard to cover all my bases this time, and sometimes I wonder if more attention had been paid by all of us, if things wouldn’t have worked out better the first time. I know you did the best you knew. And that’s alright.
I won’t even say not to worry about me; I know it’s wasted breath. I ambeing as careful as I know how, but some things I’m just going to have to figure out for myself.


One thought on “part two

  1. You are forgiven……….. I didn’t say what I said because of the past. I was looking to your future. It was not meant to patronize but to encourage you to continue in the direction you are already going

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