a little credit please

It’s easy to say what you said, like I’m that child.
Sorry, but I’m going to go ahead and take a little offense. I know you mean well but come on. You don’t seriously think I’m going to rush into anything like that, do you? I even said that I needed to think about it more before I made any decisions.
I know I’ve done some downright stupid things, but despite what your reservations are, I have grown up a little. You didn’t even really stop to ask me WHY. What do I intend to get out of all of this? Maybe it’s obvious; I put a lot of myself out there, but don’t assume that you have me all figured out. Even I wouldn’t go so far.
I’m not going to waste a lot of energy being upset about this, though. If you want to talk to me, then do it. I don’t believe this is the appropriate time for quippy wisdom.
Thanks for the feedback.


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