Had a little orientation meeting at a college today. Nothing scarier, let me tell you. My 40 work hours plus 12 classroom hours plus god knows how many homework hours? Plus the rest of my life? Calgon take me away!
I’m going to have to think about this and try to write more later.


3 thoughts on “commitment-phobe

  1. i think you should visit other schools to get the inside scoop about what their options are. ipfw has night and weekend and internet and tv classes. maybe you could even start with a certificate, then a degree.

  2. I am with Josh……… Take your time…… check out other schools, other options. Yes it’s good you are looking to go back……. in fact I think it’s great just know what all the options are before you choose. I will pray for you

  3. There are a dozen schools in town, although you can eliminate the beauty colleges since you won’t be reimbursed, unless you offer to give free hair cuts to you co-workers.Explore, and then decide and take the plunge. (Have each school sell YOU as to why you should be one of their students.)

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