Putting up vs. Shutting up

It’s pretty much a given that your first relationship is doomed to fail miserably. Humans being inherently selfish, pleasure seeking creatures; it doesn’t come naturally to truly put someone else’s needs before your own. Once this fact dawns on us, sometimes we flip to the other end of the spectrum, having this pang of guilt for how we behaved once upon a time, we will give anything to try to make someone happy. Sometimes this doesn’t end quite so catastrophically, if the person receiving has a relatively good nature. However, there are still plenty of douchebags who will gladly take advantage. Having been on pretty much every end of the spectrum, I have some grasp of how hard it is to find someone you can strike a balance with: both giving a little, but standing up for their own needs.
It breaks my heart to see people I love still struggling with this. I know there’s not a word in the dictionary that I could utter to shake them free, though.
Here’s hoping and praying to break the cycle.
Love you.


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