“I love you”

I heard this song the other day… something about loving someone you don’t really know… or thinking you love someone and then finding out you don’t really know them at all.
Kind of an interesting idea. I suppose it’s all dependent on what kind of love you’re talking about, and then how you individually define it. It also brings to mind what it means to say you love someone now more than ever. That original love wasn’t insufficient in any way, before, was it? Not in the least, of course.
How strange.
I guess it’s important to also mention that whether or not a relationship last isn’t even based entirely on love. There are so many extenuating circumstances; and like it or not, we move through our lives alone. We are ultimately accountable for our choices, our feelings and thoughts. It’s easy to say some things can’t be helped. At the outset, that’s probably true. But how we let those things govern the future becomes our responsibility whether we like it or not.
I see people at perilous points in their lives, gifted with either too little joy or too many opportunities, and both bring strain on their relationships with various loved ones. It’s hard to be a witness to it, and to have no valid advice to offer. Hopefully just being here will be enough.


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