There are monsters under the bed, you know

I wonder what it takes to make a person decide they want to get married. Or re-married. For most ladies and even some men, it’s very simple: we want the “whole package.” Companionship, kids, someone to alternate with for dishes and taking out the trash. Some people think that you can’t have those things without a big poufy white dress and some circular jewelry. I’m not sure how that connection comes about. Partly, I guess, most of us were raised to think that’s the way it should be. At some point a lot of us realize it makes a lot of financial sense (ironic considering how costly ending such a union generally is).
Unfortunately, I’ve also come to realize that a lot of the choices we make in our lives are based in fear. I understand sometimes I feel insecure, but every now & then lightning strikes and I realize that getting married solves that not at all. Kind of funny because I gave that exact morsel of wisdom to Kyle about his very serious girlfriend. Ladies, we’re not always the brightest, but every now and then we can actually see the forest for the trees. Every time he walks over to me just for a kiss, I feel so special. And try though he might, I get to battle my self-doubt on my own. These days I’m winning.


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