A glimpse

I thought I was angry.
But why should I be, now, of all times? I have everything. Even considering the endless list of “wants,” I have more than enough. There is time for the ones I love, and for the ones I want to know better. There is money for the things I really need, maybe not as much as some say I need, but I’m getting there.
I’ll be going to the dentist in a couple weeks. One of those lovely routine check-ups. I recommend everyone go to my dentist, actually. She’s very kind. And she tells me I have beautiful teeth. Who else would say something like that?
My insurance will pay for it entirely. It’s funny how something like that gets taken for granted. And even in our seriously flawed health care system, I just got my appendix out, and still have money for our vacation. How lucky am I?
It’s getting late, at least for me. But I have a good job to get up for in the morning. Hundreds of thousands do not. I know I don’t deserve it any more than the next person. I’ve just found a place that really believes in taking care of all the employees. I think about my bosses, my co-workers, and shake my head in disbelief. I cried when Rick’s mom died, got un-questioned time off to take care of Brandon, am encouraged to voice all my opinions (even about the bosses’ son!), and am really respected for the work that I do.
I could go on for days about life at home. I get to talk to all my family pretty much every week. I love them so much. And Brandon. The guy who asks for nothing, so I want to give him everything. He balances me, cares for me, inspires me, and really loves me. I think he’s even awake in the other room waiting for me to come to bed finally.
I was taught that perfection was never something to be attained, only strived for. In all my choices, all my mistakes, I never expected to land so close.


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