Time capsule

Dreamed last night that two people who recently had babies had a baby boy together. I won’t bore you with the ‘who’ or ‘why’ but it was a very bizarre combination of personalities. Plus they both had girls.
Later today at work, I found out one of the girls who works at one of my customers had her baby last night. A boy.

Now I’m sure hundreds of babies were born last night, dozens of them boys. And yet I pause.

Also in the past 24 hours I’ve learned that my brother and sister are both preparing for significant changes in their lives. Tiff & Jon are thinking about moving to a coastal city and Josh is caught up in the wide open possibilities of all that includes “life after college.”

For myself, I got back into my pre-operation work routine. All the well wishes & “glad you’re back”s were a little overwhelming, but encouraging as I wasn’t really prepared for how much effort goes into driving through the pouring rain storms, loading up a cart of tools & other crap, hauling it in to the proper storage area, glad-handing all the usual people and then making it back to work and the mountains of paperwork and unread emails screaming for attention.
It’s not normally quite that stressful, but compared to my downright lazy past few weeks, I was dead tired.

Maybe it’s exhaustion that brings about an introspective state of mind. Maybe it’s seeing the blessings and curses in others’ lives that makes you take stock of yourself. I have so much. So many joys. And yet I want, crave some things that I have to be patient for. Where is the line between what I need and what I may have to give up? There are so many promises yet to be fulfilled. So many restless nights ahead. And so much love around every turn. I wish I didn’t feel like I was in some kind of limbo, though. My heart wrestles with all of the joy in every day and then the questions that fill my head every night. Change is in the air.

And the storm rolls on.


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