the migraine

I was lying in bed this afternoon after taking my migraine medicine. Eyes closed in the dark, my imagination was racing so fast it looked like National Geographic channel on fast-forward. But if I tried to focus on one image to find out what it was, my brain was met with white hot pain and a wave of nausea that reminded me not to focus on anything but to try to fall asleep. I laid there thinking about writing down what I was feeling when I heard the deafening roar of Dawn’s collar tinkling as she walked. Wincing in my stupor as the medicine kicked in… I heard her playing with the shoe laces tied to the doorknob on the hall closet.
And then nothing.
Sweet nothing for I don’t know how long.

And then I woke up thinking that I had fallen asleep before I got to click “Publish.” I laughed to myself and opened my eyes. Dawn was there next to me on the bed sleeping. Ever since my surgery, she’s taken up the roll of ‘guard-kitty’ if I’m in bed alone. I scratch her forehead, she chirps in surprise and starts to purr.
And then I get up.


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