To the abused:

To say that you were shocked that they got back together would but to admit extreme naivete. To be angry about it is either to have not known what it’s like to be in that position, or to have known it and not have really dealt with it yet.
But for most of us, I think, the reaction is a sigh of disappointment. Oh what to do?

You can’t blame her for loving him; we’ve all loved someone so wrong for us. We’ve put ourselves in harm’s way in order to truly give ourselves to that one who will never appreciate it. And maybe that’s why we have our hearts and our minds.
It’s gut wrenching to surrender to the logic, to admit this just isn’t working. And some can never take that step. She’s barely 21, you know. I think that youth brings the promise of hope and the possibility that wiser choices will be made some time in the future.
So I think we must love her, praying that she can learn to love herself enough to find dignity again. What good would shunning do? Turn her even more upside down in that crazy shook-up-snowglobe world. My heart breaks every time I hear about it on the news, and with the court proceedings beginning today… it’s just like a taste of blood from a freshly bitten cheek.

This story is not over, to be sure. But with a deep breath I remember conquering my own demons. No one deserves pain in return for love.


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