If you saw this coming…

Got a phone call last night from Brandon’s step-mom. We had gone over there a few days ago for dinner & she brought in their outside cats to share in enjoying some silly kitty behavior. By “outside” I mean they sleep in the semi-heated workshop in the barn. They’re quite adorable. The striped one, Sam, lives to sit in Brandon’s dad’s lap. Blackie, a dark puff of a thing, was Sharron’s little rascal. Pretty as can be, but quite the playful thing. Anyway…
She calls me last night & tells me that little Blackie had been hit by a car. They hadn’t been home but her son was. He called her right away & told her what happened & then asked what he should do. He said that the cat was bleeding from the mouth and nose, and probably wasn’t going to make it, so she told him he had to end the suffering. At first she told him to find the shovel that was right nearby, but he said there was no way he could do that. So he went in and got his gun.
My mouth was hanging open as she told me all of this. I’d been living almost exactly this in my dream & imagination for days now. She said that Sammie keeps going back to the mailbox where he last saw his friend, so they’ve been keeping him inside with the big old cat. They’d really like to find a male kitten to adopt to help Sam move on.
I think maybe now I can move on too.


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