Money Talks

I must admit my head spins when talking in depth about money. This is something in the future (and even now) I will be grateful Brandon is skilled in managing. He seems to find just the right things to build equity in so he can turn the same amount of money into more cash on-hand and less paid to bills in just a matter of months. And with perfect credit and a great job, he’s done very well. Plus he makes smart choices. IPFW vs. Purdue means he’s free of any student loan debt. $80k house at auction vs. $130k sparkling and new. He owns a Civic so he can also own an S2000 and an older F150 for all the fun and utility and fuel economy anyone could hope for. And now that fuel prices are back down, he wants to invest in a hybrid car, since there is little chance of wait list & retail premium.
So far I’ve managed to wrap my brain around putting more money in my savings account than I spend on Starbucks and shoes (put together!). I hear all the time that money is the #1 reason why couples get divorced, and I remind myself to try to learn from his wisdom. I still have a little fear over what combined bank accounts might mean. I feel a twinge of guilt knowing my rather abysmal credit will probably blemish all of his hard work. Still, no one can yet predict what the next few years will bring for our hearts or checkbooks.
Which brings to mind alternate definitions for “stimulus package”… Oh lucky me.


2 thoughts on “Money Talks

  1. At least you have credit. Coming out of school I will have no credit and oh so much debt, probably around 60,000 in loans… NOT including Josh’s…:( I might have to drop out of society…especially with a music degree…and with Josh wanting to work non-profit, we’re pretty much doomed for northern canada where the debters prison can’t find us. 😦 haha

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