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Last night I found myself in hot pursuit of major and minor celebrities on Twitter. Having relative success, I was reading some of the tweets by someone who called himself Luke Wilson. Silly read, like most random people who are limited by 140 characters. One particularly catching entry read about his famous-ness with a link to one of the infinite “news” sources we find on the web. Of course, this was not just an article about how talented (or not) Luke Wilson may be. It was about the celebrity of his Twitter profile. The debate over whether or not it was the REAL Luke. The verdict, yes. Because his tweets are so full of mundane things and droll commentary that only the real Luke Wilson would be so boring.
At this I had to lean back from my hunched over the keyboard, squinting at the monitor stance and think for a moment.
I had found someone going by John Mayer who had reverted to posting only nutritional and dietary information. Just when you thought his next post would be about the regularity of his bowel movements, he says something if not revealing, at least charming. Again, pause for contemplation.
So if “Britney Spears” tweets were all about the various colors, textures, and smells of her shit, would she still have 169,335 followers (and counting!)?
Trent Reznor is anti-everything, Shaq talks mostly to himself, Demi & Ashton talk mostly to each other… you wanna talk about twitter addicted.
I’m sure we’ve all realized by now that these online social networks have no actual point other than diversions from whatever is actually going on around us. And yet sometimes we really believe that without all of it, we’d lose touch with so many of the people we (actually) know who are a little farther than face to face conversation allows. Which brings me to my dad, who updates on so many online media I actually feel involved in his daily life. Brandon and I actually had to stop and figure out when I’d last seen his face (about three weeks ago already). I’m still not even sure if that’s right.
And I still feel compelled to write lengthy paragraphs here.


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